why this sound?

why this sound?

Welcome. This website was established in hopes of bringing together the thoughts of many people. In particular, the words here are about the craft of music and its various connections with the social world as a whole.

Nothing here is definitive. Everything is subject to change. Many points will be approached with the dull blade of contemplation, rather than the sharp one of argument. The goal here is an ongoing conversation, a communal reflection on the state of music and art.

At the same time, this website exists only because there are potential problems with the current state of things- problems with the way in which music and modern 'Western' society intertwine. The process of finding a solution requires the thoughts and actions of all who are potentially concerned. If there are injustices that should be eradicated, let us move carefully towards that change. If and when it comes about, this site will potentially cease to be.

Currently, the site is arranged such that only one piece of text is visible at a time. Once you have clicked either the 'Begin' or 'Text' link, a new piece can be viewed at random by refreshing the page.

If you feel moved to write, please do. Your words will likely be added here.


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